CompoClay is pleased to introduce you to a very special product

Our Mission Is Simple:

We at CompoClay are inspired by our earth and the natural surroundings we gratefully have around us.

  • To offer our clients and consumers a product that has the unique properties of being sustainable, safe, durable and versatile for material design.

  • Be an exemplary green company at all levels of business operations through continuous development of green technology and eco-friendly practices.

  • Increase awareness about sustainability and environmental responsibility and share our vision for a healthier, safer and greener planet.

How Did We Achieve It?

In 2004 CompoClay took a new approach by starting from scratch. Our chemical engineers spent seven years developing  and patented an entirely new building block, a cutting-edge material that has the ability to emulate everything from wood and metal to stone and ceramic without sacrificing safety and durability.

CompoClay — a raw material mainly made up of minerals, water and sand — is an alternative to the common hazardous materials, such as resin and polyurethane foam. It has the feel of a cement but properties that give it less weight and still have the durability.
Plus, CompoClay does not directly or indirectly pollute the environment. We strive to be an example by being an environmentally-conscious company at all levels of operations, as we hope you share our feelings for the increasing need for a true eco-friendly solution.

Where Do We Sell It?

We only sell to wholesale accounts and not direct to consumers. Along with our own brands of furniture and home decor we specialize in developing custom products for many types of businesses i.e. retailers, hotels, and commercial uses.

As you browse our site and see many items we've manufactured we hope it will inspire you to look to us for creating your next special product. For more information regarding our import and custom program please contact us. 

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