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Living Wall Planters and Garden Landscape Elements
Outdoor Stone Buddha Statue. Eco-friendly Home Decor
CompoClay has the ability to emulate the look and feel of almost anything from wood and metal to stone and ceramic.

CompoClay Products

Home Accents, Garden Landscape, Architectural Elements


CompoClay is pleased to introduce you to a very special product.

We are introducing our product with great pride and pleasure and bring to you, a very functional and stylish collection of home & garden planters, garden art, living wall planters and home decor.

We offer our product through a retailer network of many fine garden and home decor stores.  We also specialize in custom projects for hotels and other large institutions. Compoclay is only sold to authorized retailers or licensed designers.  Compoclay does not operate any company retail stores as we prefer our retailers to benefit from selling our fabulous product. We do not provide a guarantee or service to the products sold other than through our registered/authorized retailers in the US. If you would like more information on our retailer network or product please contact us.

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We at CompoClay are inspired by our earth and the natural surroundings we gratefully have around us. CompoClay’s vertically integrated production process includes transforming minerals, sand, glass, salt and water into CompoClay. After being molded and cured, each piece is hand-finished to meet our rigorous quality standards. Compoclay…Often Imitated Never Dupicated!


CompoClay has the unique properties of being sustainable, safe, durable and versatile for material design.


  • Protects Limited Natural Resources
  • Low Carbon Footprint
  • Clean Product Lifecycle


  • MAS Certified Green for zero VOC-emission
  • Class Zero non-combustible per BS 476: Part 4 & 7 Standards
  • Free of harmful fire toxins, heavy metals & asbestos


  • Excellent weather resistance
  • Resistant to mold, mildew & termite growth
  • Superior compressive & impact strength

Versatile For Material Design

  • Achieves countless textures and finishes, including wood, metal, stone and ceramic
  • Easily molded for complex shapes and detailed surface definitions
  • Flexible weight and density